Showbox ever heard this word. Most of us will answer yes! as you know Not all we are willing to buy Amazon prime, Netflix and all other streaming networks. That's why guys  like us use showbox the one stop solution for all tv shows and movies

what is Showbox?

ShowBox Download

Showbox is one of the best Android app out there that works similar to Netflix and Amazon prime but only with one condition, it's free.
Showbox is one of the best app out there movie and TV shows and to get top stories about your favourite TV shows.
It is actually a meta search engine which scrapes the internet to find your favorite TV shows and movies sounds good right. Well this is just the first half.
Got a slow internet connection, showbox got your back here, you can not only stream your best shows online but also you can download them and save them to watch them later.
Aren't you amazed?
Then carry on reading this  down and trust me you will be stunned by the features of showbox

Download showbox apk

There are many sources to download the showbox apk but most of them are old and if you need the latest one you can always find it here. As you know the latest version is always with fewer bugs and is always optimized them the old versions of showbox apk.

Download Showbox

Features of showbox

ShowBox Download

Well, the list of features and functions is infinite for a  binge watcher, thus can't be explained here but for the best, I have listed 7 best features of showbox.
1. You can find all the trending news about your favourite TV shows and movies.
P.S- news and gossips from showbox is always trusted and real.
2. You get a separate section of movies where you can find different types of movies with some awesome features like sort by where you can sort different types of movies with you mood the sort by features consist of options like sort by years that means showbox is for everyone if you are an old school guy or a fan of Avengers, you also get an option to sort movies with genre and make it easy to find the best, not only this showbox also have an option of search which lets you to find your best movies in blink of an eye.
3. Tv shows well this is the section which I love the most because here I can binge watch any TV show I want and whenever I want.
4. The best thing about the showbox is that you can get the world TV premier within 12 hours of the original Broadcast.
5. You can also watch all your trailers of upcoming tv shows and movies right here on your showbox app.
6. If you are like me watch i.e., you watch a lot of TV shows simultaneously and just as I did you also forget to watch your favourite shows well again thanks to showbox you don't need to worry because showbox will notify you about all release of your favourite shows.
7. The list would be incomplete without adding the feature of download. Do you think this feature is useless for you? Then let me correct you about that think it like you are going on a road trip and you know internet connectivity won't be strong enough to stream without buffering that's where this awesome feature of showbox comes into play, download all your favourite episodes and then binge watch all of it at one without caring about the internet speed.
Interesting right, these features are literally just a tip of an iceberg
Look like you are excited to download the showbox apk.

Is showbox illegal?

Is showbox illegal ? Well the clear and simple answer is NO! it's not illegal because there is nothing wrong showbox is doing, as discussed earlier showbox is an meta search engine scraper and is similar how torrents works. A lot of news were going of since a few days about show box being illegal but the all are fake!

Alternative of showbox

Well according to me showbox  is unbeatable in its qualities and you can't find a better alternative of showbox
But even if you want to switch from showbox
Here are some options you should look for
1. Popcorn time
2. Tvtap
3. blackmart
4. UK TV Now

Final words

So this was our take on one of the best free video streaming app out there you may definitely give it a try and take your
streaming to the next level.
Have a nice day!